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Shitty drinks, average food and bad service



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Bad service you say? Of course, come and experience it yourself

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Inspired by the in famous Shinjuku Golden Gai, Tokyo – We present our version of a dive bar*

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The main ingredients of a well functioning event are a great venue, entertained guests and most importantly quality food and drink. But even if all these elements come together perfectly, the event cannot stand out without a little bit of magic – unforgettable hostmanship. And this is where a small group of quirky cocktail artists behind Son of a Punch Catering comes along.

We are the Cocktail Bastards!

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+358 50 3207570

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Yes, you can rent the whole venue for your event be it a birthday celebration or a wild Japanese disco night – just call the manager and it’s a done deal!

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We invite you to bring you and your friends for a cocktail training hosted by our famous bartenders. Implemented with the support of our partners top online casinos

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